~Currently offering only online counselling~

I will guide you on your journey to rediscover and fall in love with your true self

What is stopping you from living an authentic life?

Hi, my name is Andreea. I’m a Psychosynthesis Counsellor, which means that I see you as a unique individual with a purpose in this life; a purpose that can be fulfilled only by you. Your challenges and obstacles might feel scary and frustrating, but I do believe they hold the answers to your potential. They helped you develop a blend of qualities and skills that make you one of a kind. I will guide you and be by your side as you embark on this inner journey of putting back together, the pieces of your life’s puzzle. A life that is more authentic.

What I offer

Once I receive your query via email, phone or the website form, I will contact you to set up a free 15 minutes consultation where I can answer any questions that you might have.