Are you an introvert? Do you struggle to interact with people or develop meaningful relationships? Have you ever been called a misfit, weird, alien, freak, nerd, geek, socially awkward, etc? Did you ever find it hard to fit in, not just within your family, but in your culture and the world in general? Were you ever told that you’re “too sensitive”? Did you feel that you had to be in a certain way to be accepted and loved? If you are thinking of starting therapy and you replied yes to at least a couple of these questions, then you have come to the right place; I would love to be your guide.

Hi, my name is Andreea. I’m a counsellor, a human and a bit of a misfit myself.

I believe that every human being deserves to feel loved, to feel safe and live their lives in freedom and truth. To have authentic and loving relationships. To feel confident, and embrace their creativity and full potential. But, if you spent most of your life stuck in a mould that just didn’t fit, then you might not feel comfortable showing the real you to the world. Through therapy, you can begin to love and accept the whole of you, even the parts that might feel ugly and unlovable. And as Lucille Ball said: “Love yourself first, and everything else falls into place.”

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